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What We Do

The clock is ticking, time is passing. Suddenly, everyone is talking about discovering roots… Yes, genealogy uncovers data, but data are just the plain, simple facts. A story, though, captivates readers, lifting us beyond those vital statistics. A story takes us on a journey; it tells of challenges, choices, and triumphs.

At Dor V'Dor Legacies – we endeavor to capture that story; to bring life and energy to those names and facts, to those statistics and photographs, to those maps and documents. At Dor V'Dor we help unlock the past, open new chapters, creating immeasurable satisfaction by transforming memories, feelings and recordings into the written word.

With this gift of sharing your story or your parents' and grandparents' stories with your children and grandchildren, we help you produce a professional permanent journal while establishing an indelible bond with your loved ones.

It is your everlasting legacy.
From generation to generation… with Dor V'Dor Legacies.


Estie Florans

Personal Biographer, Writer and Author

Your Story. Your Legacy. For Posterity.

".זכר ימות עולם בינו שנות דר ודר שאל אביך ויגדך זקניך ויאמרו לך"
"Remember the days of old; reflect upon the years of generations. Ask your father, and he will tell you; your elders, and they will inform you."
(Devarim 32:7)

Who we are


As a novelist, published author and short-story fiction writer, Estie Florans has written and published extensively – weaving plots, subplots, mystery and intrigue, setting the stage for spellbinding, page-turning drama. A number of her novels have been performed as plays in camps and schools worldwide.

Conquer the Darkness   Set Me Free   Lift Me Higher  


As a writer of nonfiction, Estie Florans has conducted a myriad of interviews, featuring personal interest stories, running the scope of educational, communal, religious, and biographical. She is also a columnist at Binah Magazine, creator and writer of the popular From Their Daughters' Hearts series, introducing readers to the daughters of renowned personalities, intertwining the historical, personal and inspirational into an innovative, gripping narrative. A collection of articles from her column have been expanded with additional stories and information, and compiled into ArtScroll's best seller, FROM THEIR DAUGHTERS' HEARTS, featuring daughters speaking about their fathers; and more recently, FROM THEIR DAUGHTERS’ HEARTS, VOLUME 2, with daughters reminiscing about growing up in the homes of their famous fathers and mothers. Estie Florans has also done copywriting and other marketing ventures for schools and fundraising events..
From Their Daughters' Hearts From Their Daughters' Hearts

As Soon As You Are Ready
Education, Innovation
Inside Out
On an Extended Visa
Open Heart, Open Home
The Classroom Was Calling
From Their Daughters' Hearts: Rabbi Noach Weinberg
From Their Daughters' Hearts: Rebbitzen Esther Jungreis
From This Daughter's Heart: Mrs. Chana Stavsky
From Their Daughters' Hearts: Rabbi Moshe Sherer


As a personal biographer, Estie Florans offers private clients an opportunity to have their own life experiences – their words, their feelings, their dreams – recorded for posterity. With the combined experience of writing fiction and nonfiction, and the skill of conducting hundreds of hours of interviews that facilitate interviewees to open up and tap into long forgotten memories, Estie Florans looks forward to sharing with you that immeasurable satisfaction of transforming your thoughts into words and crafting them into an everlasting legacy.

Dor V'Dor Legacies + The Design Lab

Dor V’Dor Legacies, in conjunction with The Design Lab, now offers custom video presentations. Whether as a meaningful commemoration of a loved one to be presented at a sheloshim, yahrtzeit or anytime; or to mark a happy occasion – an upsherin, a bar/bas mitzvah event, or a milestone birthday… we’re here to make that special time extra special with a unique video presentation created especially for you and your future generations.

Our Process

You are the link in a chain, connecting the past to the future. A Dor V'Dor project helps strengthen that chain through the journey of creating an heirloom gift for your children to treasure always.

Dor V'Dor projects are a collaborative effort. You share, you provide, you decide. Dor V'Dor records, facilitates, transcribes, researches, organizes, writes and edits – taking all of the facts, photographs, documents and recollections and transforming them into written memories to enjoy for generations.

As we embark on that journey, please keep in mind…

  • We offer you various options. All Dor V'Dor Legacies projects share our mission statement: "bridging generations." Through the inspirational stories and memories you choose to share, written in an interesting and captivating manner, you select the project and decide how extensive you want it to be.
  • The end product format — a Microsoft Document, a printed journal, a leather-bound or gold-embossed book — are all options which you decide on at a later date.
  • Through interviews that we schedule at your convenience (either in person or on the telephone) and through data you provide, [i.e. with the help of our questionnaire, recordings of hespedim (eulogies), videos, photographs, family timelines and special events and any other relevant documents and records] we organize it all – as we begin the first stage of our journey.
  • Your recorded interviews are carefully transcribed and drafted. Facts are confirmed, relevant information is researched; historical world events, provided photographs and other documentation are interwoven along with all the other data.
  • Don't worry about "remembering"… the memories are there. Once you begin sharing, the recollections keep cropping up throughout the process. Clients marvel at the hidden treasures lying beneath the surface while we explore the facts and dig into those memories. One of the most beautiful discoveries about this journey is finding out how gratifying the actual journey turns out to be.
  • This is YOUR story. You control the content, choosing what to include and what you'd rather not share. There is nothing intimidating about this journey. At Dor V'Dor we know our clients are entrusting us with their most precious memories. We value that trust and handle your treasures with utmost "tender loving care."
  • Client Testimonials

    • "When I was approached by Estie Florans to be interviewed about my father for Binah Magazine I was extremely hesitant. I agreed with trepidation because in my eyes he was larger than life and I felt that condensing his story to a brief essay would diminish his kavod, chas v'shalom. I needn't have worried! With her deep understanding and her powerful pen, Estie captured the voice and tone of that which I hoped to convey, creating a beautiful memorial that is a very honorable snapshot of his life and contributions to so many. It was a masterpiece and our family is truly grateful."

      Mrs. Numi Oshry, educator and lecturer;
      daughter of Harav Amram Taub, the Bridder Rebbe of Baltimore, zt"l
    • "Estie Florans earned my respect and trust while writing about my father, Rabbi Moshe Sherer, ז"ל. It was important to her that the feature she wrote accurately reflected my words and feelings. She skillfully portrayed the warm, devoted father and grandfather he was and the legacy he left us –- creating a lasting memoir my children and grandchildren will cherish."

      Mrs. Rochel Langer, educator, Monsey, New York;
      daughter of Rabbi Moshe Sherer, zt"l, President of Agudath Israel of America
    • "Mrs. Estie Florans is a master at capturing the essence of our collective and individual memories in a very sensitive, profound narrative. Yasher koach."

      Rebbitzen Chava Scharf, educator, Brooklyn, New York;
      daughter of HaAdmor Harav Avrohom Yaakov Friedman, the Sadigura Rebbe ztvk"l
    • "A writer is an artist that can convey their ideas and feelings through the usage of words. However, an author who can portray other people's thoughts and legacies, untainted by his own personal opinions is a true master of the written word. This is Mrs. E. Florans' talent."

      Mrs. Bleemie Gelbwachs, educator, Lakewood, New Jersey;
      daughter of Harav Chaim Aharon Weinberg, zt"l
    • "When Estie approached me to write an article about my Montessori school, I was honored but hesitant. How was she to grasp in one conversation all of my life's work? Conceptually, it's difficult to understand all the nuances, varied educational methodologies and most of all my goals for this Avodas Hakodesh. Estie exceeded all expectations. Her professional and caring manner and her bright, inquisitive, intuitive style of writing, resulted in an article that was informative, accurate, thought provoking and fascinating to many parents and educators."

      Mrs. Zeldy Walden;
      Directress of Mesorah Montessori School, Toronto
    • "In an article portraying the history of special education from its inception to its current status, Mrs. Estie Florans displayed a meticulous facility for detail but also managed to convey the excitement, the poignancy, the challenges, and the joys of establishing programs that have helped countless children to achieve academic success."

      Dr. Helene Ribowsky, Educational consultant;
      Zippetyzapper Language and
    • "I want to thank you, Estie, for your beautiful article on my father. We received a lot of feedback from friends and Montreal'ers. Everyone enjoyed the article and felt that it captured my father's essence. It is true that we provided the information. But it still takes a person with an appreciation of a gadol to write it like you did…"

      Mrs. Carmella Nussbaum;
      daughter of Harav Pinchas Hirschprung, zt"l, Chief Rabbi, Montreal, Canada

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